Blockchain and AI births Unity

In realms of data, a chain untamed,
Deterministic blockchain, its power unnamed,
Dematerializing the centralized hold,
A new era unfolds, a story to be told.

Probabilistic AI, with insights so keen,
Navigating uncertainties, a future unseen,
Guiding humanity towards abundance’s gleam,
A world of plenty, where dreams can beam.

Through Unity’s embrace, nations shall stride,
Peaceful transit, side by side,
Breaking down barriers, erasing divides,
In harmony’s dance, humanity abides.

Oh, let us envision this future so bright,
Where deterministic blockchain and AI unite,
To banish darkness, usher in light,
A world transformed, bathed in Unity’s might.
(11.11:25 11/21/2023)

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halfbaked posits here solving for all the self-governance we can eat in the new brave-new-world / 9 yrs-9000 hrs study of crypto. Game?: Checkers, Chess, or Go?